Alumni Mission

The Way Forward

Mother’s Rugby has enjoyed one of the strongest decades of Alumni engagement in its history. Since 2008 Alumni have been directly responsible for raising & donating hundreds of thousands of dollars. This has led to unprecedented successes on the field, most recently a D1AA National Championship in 2017.

The University has repeatedly shared with us that they do not have the resources and are unwilling to commit the financial backing required to sustain the level of success we’ve experienced and are accustom to.

We’ve formed this foundation to ensure transparent long-term fiscal viability for Mother’s Rugby.

The Mother’s Rugby Foundation is committed to growing all facets of youth rugby in Fredericksburg.

By handling the raising and distribution of funds we will simply and condense the role of many valued volunteers. Parents and players can work with the University on issues like field condition, coaches can focus on managing the team and the responsibilities that come with that, & the general manager can stay out of the minutia.

The Alumni will facilitate and unparalleled level of communication between all members of the club. Simply, we will keep everyone on the same page.

The foundations board will evaluate and sign off on all expenditures.